Rose’s love story

This is my first blog post, but I dunno what to write…

Ah…right, I have a story, always wanted to share it with’s about my childhood friend Rose.

She was calm, cold, strict and shy girl ,but actually she never fell in love until we entered the university together and met Den…Tadaaaaa.

For the first time, she fell in love and told me about it I was shocked but happy..finally she will be normal girl👏

Everything goes well, she looks happy ” Although he didn’t confess yet ” but it was obvious to the whole colleagues that he likes her.

After a while the two of them looked weird and calm ,and when I asked her what happened? she said ” I think he doesn’t love me ….”

I asked why? she said ” he didn’t confess and I heard that he got a girlfriend ” ?


As a friend I told her to move on. And she did it…

After another while she almost got in a relationship but surprisingly he stopped her from getting in relationship.

I felt like he treated her as his slave or something 😕

She was sooo dumb and followed him, and now it’s been 3 years and he didn’t even confessed and got in relationship with her friend ” not me ” and not just that, but also he spread a rumors about her like ” She is the one who loved…I didn’t even confessed to her….She is like a sister for me ”

But Rose couldn’t defend herself and the ridiculous thing is SHE STILL LOVES HIM ……….

Am I the only one who think this story is strange ???????